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HEY,  I'm McKenzie

I'm a lover of movies, singing, acting, genuine connection, cats, anything Italian, not taking yourself too seriously, John Mayer, The Lumineers, a rainy day, & my husband Jimmy's impressive mustache. 

I'm based in Atlanta, GA, living with my sweet husband Jimmy (who is my wedding-capturing-videography counterpart; hire him he's the best) & our two cats Rudy & Cindy Louise (who we absolutely worship, like we have so many songs we've made up about them).

When I'm not photographing weddings, you can find me at my husband & I's CrossFit gym with our friends (40% there for the squats, 60% there for the social hour), dreaming up a creative shoot to do for fun, filming an audition or writing a short film (the film world is another love of  mine), or spending far too much time on TikTok learning a whole bunch of random shiz & later saying "I read an article about xyz," when really I just saw a TikTok about it.

All in all, I know how important it is to have a connection with the photographer you're entrusting to capture your wedding day, or anything else. I find a lot of joy in being that for my clients, in intentionally fostering a friendship within this business transaction. Photographing your special moments is not a task I take lightly. Photography is a deeply personal thing, & I want every client of mine to feel that their experience with me was personal. I try to take on a limited amount of weddings per year so I can focus more intentionally on each client.

Inquire with me if you think I'm your kinda gal! I know that I would absolutely love to be.



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