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have always found pure enjoyment in taking pictures, with a strong sense of responsibility in capturing a moment. Photography found me, years ago, in a period of soul searching. It quickly became my greatest joy & honor to be trusted by others in archiving their lives.



My partner in this life. We've been together since 16&17.
We've known a hundred different versions of each other. My husband & business partner.

We capture weddings & events together, doing photo & video work, & have for the past five years.
We are best friends, in every way. This man balances me so well.


y approach to wedding photography is rooted in authenticity & the art of living in the present. I strive to host a warm energy that encourages my people to find peace, comfortability, & confidence in my company, & in front of my lens.

I believe in creating art that is truly timeless, which is why I also offer 35mm film coverage alongside my digital work. I care about delivering a product that feels nostalgic, artistic, & without a shelf life.

Here's a list of spontaneous facts about me, intended to help paint a picture of who I am:

1. I'm an enneagram 4w3 through & through, a hopeful romantic down to my bones, & I feel deeply.

2. Growing up with two younger sisters has kept me young. 

3. I'm pretty sure my favorite ice cream flavor has changed from chocolate chip to coffee. This makes me feel like I'm getting older.

4. I have two cats I'm in love with, Rudy & Cindy Louise. Rudy was found as stray kitten in 2020, & Cindy Louise we found in a Petsmart in 2021, coming along with the funny little name we call her today.

5. I can't decide which FRIENDS character is my favorite, but I'm pretty sure it's a tie between Monica & Phoebe.

6. I grew up in singing lessons, I've always loved to sing & I'm not too bad at it. But I so desperately wish I could play the guitar alongside; it just hurts my fingers too much.

7. I take showers by candlelight because if there's something I'm gonna have it's gonna be an ambiance.

8. I could talk movies, actors, & performances all day.

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