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When Mexico & Belgium Meet in Georgia | Rocio & Thibault's Wedding

Rocio ("Rosie") & Thibault had the most special day! Rosie is Mexican & Thibault is Belgian, so they had family & friends from all over the WORLD come & celebrate their big day all the way in good ole Atlanta, Georgia! The fun & unique traditions they held at their weddings were ones I had never seen before; try & see if you can spot them!

They had a their beautiful ceremony at The Sacred Heart of Jesus Basilica Church. The church had many rules when it came to photo & video, which just meant we had to get super creative.

After their noon wedding ceremony, we ventured over to the Meadows At Mossy Creek for their HUGE reception! It was a PARTY, & a 7 hour one at that! So much fun.

These two are cutie pies. Enjoy their love.

It's a Belgian tradition to give the bride flowers after the ceremony!

&&&&& they had a mariachi band !!!

Their guests greeted them into their reception with the swinging of napkins! They also sang some sort of song, although I'm not sure what it was, it gave me chills.

I have started a collection called "photos of grandpas taking photos at weddings."

I was speechless in this moment. I told them, "I'm not gonna tell you guys what to do. I just want you to run around & love each other. Improvise!" THEY DELIVERED. They played like kids in their wedding attire in this dreamy meadow.

The JOY on this gal's face >>>

Then R & T did what is called "the money dance," where guests come up & pin money on the bride or groom, then dance with them until someone else comes to take their place. Jimmy & I wish we did this at our wedding lol.

THEN, they did...well this. I have no idea what it was called, but WOW was it fun to watch. Essentially, the bride & groom stand on chairs on opposite sides of the dance floor, each surrounded by a small group of guests, while a line of people (in this case, the gals) run underneath them, make a loop, then return to try & knock over either the bride or groom! Like, I mean it when I say how FUN this wedding was!

Thibault was the chosen one!

Then the party officially started!

My cutie boy, @jimmynugentfilms ^

Children played outside all night long with glow sticks, brilliant way to keep kids entertained at a wedding!

All the way from Belgium, the mother of the groom & her pal!

& just like that, Rosie & Thibault's special day came to a perfect ending! Congratulations to the Corens!

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